2016 Presentations

Keynote Presentation

Everyday Leadership: Why? What? How?

Dr. Peter Lees Chief Executive and Medical Director, Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, United Kingdom

World Café Modular Cruise – Deep dives into the new curriculum

Lead Self

1.  Dr. Shaundra Popowich | Emotional intelligence/Resilience
2.  Dr. Jamiu Busari | Professionalism

Engage Others

3.  Dr. Lara Hazelton | Effective Communication Skills for Leaders
4.  Dr. Wade Watson | Conflict Management & Leadership

Achieve Results

5.  Dr. Maureen Topps & Dr. Isser Dubinsky | Accountability

Develop Coalitions

6.  Dr. Graham Dickson, PhD & Dr. Lawrence Toh |Teamwork
7.  Dr. Deepak Dath & Jill Adolphe | Patient Voice

Systems Transformation

8.  Dr. Diane de Camps Meschino | Residents as Agents of Change
9.  Dr. Sherissa Microys | Safety Culture

International Healthcare Leadership Education Innovation Presentations

Development and validation of a workplace-based leadership programme for senior residents in Psychiatry. Authors: A. Thakur, B. O’Leary, W. Cowie.

A model for physician leadership development and succession planning. Authors: I. Dubinsky, R. Lash, N. Feerasta.

Flipping the classroom in postgraduate medication education: Teaching millennials about health care law and medical errors. Authors: A. Lucardie, J. Busari.

Evaluation of a pilot leadership program for Obstetrics and Gynecology residents. Authors: H. Shapiro, C. Jones, J. Bohnen, G. Anderson, A. Matlow.

An innovative advocacy and leadership curriculum for medical education. Authors: D. Benrimoh, N. Warsi, J-A. Zigby.

Improving professionalism: Enhanced perceptions of professionalism in General Surgery residents after administration of a professional education programs. Authors: R. Whitley, D. Wirtzfeld.

Ponder & IMProve: a situated learning approach to engage medical residents in quality improvement and leadership. Authors: J.J. Voogt, E.L.J. van Rensen, M.F. van der Schaaf, M. Noordegraaf, M.M.E. Schneider.

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